System Requirements

gLabels 3.2.x requires the following libraries or newer.

  • GTK+-3.14.x
  • LIBXML-2.9.x
  • LIBRSVG-2.39.x

The following components are optional:

Note: to compile gLabels on most GNU/Linux systems, you will need the development packages (e.g., gtk3-devel or libgtk-3-dev) installed for each of these libraries and their dependencies.

Current Stable Version (Source)

Third Party Packages

If you are not up to building and installing gLabels from source, you may be able to use a third party package. gLabels is currently available for many popular GNU/Linux and BSD distributions through their associated repositories.

Some of these third party packages are more up to date than others. If you experience bugs or problems with a third party package that is not based on the most recent stable version, please contact the package maintainer and urge them to update as soon as possible.


The latest bleading-edge version of gLabels can be cloned from its Github repository.