27 October 2003

This latest development snapshot is primarily bug fixes. Changes/fixes include

  • Added option to print crop marks. (Me)
  • Fixed NULL name bug in gl_pixbuf_cache_remove_pixbuf(). (Me)
  • Fixed bug when importing glabels-0.4 text items. (Me)
  • Fixed locale problems when reading paper-sizes.xml. (Emmanuel Pacaud)
  • Default font changed to “Sans” from “Helvetica.” (Emmanuel Pacaud)
  • Updated to most recent egg-recent-files. (Emmanuel Pacaud)
  • Fixed bug when text item is a single merge field. (Emmanuel Pacaud)
  • Fixed bug in hacktext canvas item that would leave artifacts when item is moved. (Emmanuel Pacaud)
  • Allow XML comments at any spot in a template file. (Me)
  • Workaround for poor rendering of images with alpha channel. (Me)
  • Properly clean-up bonobo ui component of destroyed windows. (Me)