23 December 2003

This latest development snapshot is primarily bug fixes. Changes/fixes include

  • Document merge now honors locale‚Äôs encoding when reading CSV files. (me)
  • Size and position spinboxes now limit well beyond label edges. (me)
  • Print dialog now tracks settings separately for each label/window. (me)
  • Scroll window now tracks changes in template. (me)
  • Various GUI elements are updated when preferences change. (me)
  • Fixed position bug for box objects. (me)
  • Fixed crash when copying text objects. (me)
  • Added property bar entries to view menu. (me)
  • Property bar widget now track properties of selected widgets in an intuitive manner (Emmanuel Pacaud)
  • Fixed crash when a template name does not exactly match a current template name. (me)
  • Some UI cleanup
  • Fixed size reset button on image size pages. (me)