04 January 2004

This latest development snapshot is primarily bug fixes, but includes a couple of interesting new features. Changes/fixes include

  • Make templates known when encountered for the first time in a label. This can occur when template names have changed between versions or when you receive a glabels document from someone else who has created a custom template. (me)
  • Now builds against GNOME 2.5.1 (GARNOME 0.28.3). (me)
  • Fixed button order in new label and label properties dialogs. (Wayne Schuller)
  • Fixed a bug with the preferences dialog, which resulted in ignoring default object property preferences. (me)
  • Fixed a bug which caused the waste property to function incorrectly on rectangular labels. (me)
  • Added template designer assistant/wizard. (me)
  • Added line spacing property to all text objects. (Wayne Schuller)
  • Fixed bug in object editor size page which caused the height spin button to be ignored. (me)
  • Fixed bug with object editor size page that caused text object sizes to be prematurely changed when any property is edited. (me)