06 June 2010

This is the first snapshot of the 2.3.x development series. The purpose of this series is to preview and test code and features for glabels 3.0. Features and prerequisites are likely to change drastically from snapshot to snapshot. If you are not willing to put up with this or even things that may not work quite right yet, you should probably continue to use 2.2.8. Let the testing begin…

Changes/fixes since 2.2.x include

  • Removed use of deprecations in platform:
    • Migrated from libglade to GtkBuilder
    • Removed all dependencies on libgnome and libgnomeui
    • Removed all GTK+ and GLIB deprecations as of GNOME 2.30
    • Use accessor functions in GTK+ and GLIB
  • Major refactoring of code
  • Added Undo/Redo capability
  • GnuBarcode backend is now optional and is no longer distributed with glabels
  • IEC16022 (datamatrix) barcode backend is now optional and is no longer distributed with glabels
  • Added optional IEC18004 (QRCode) barcode backend (Daniel Mueller)
  • Added optional Zint barcode backend (currently ony supports GS1-128, but other barcodes will be supported by this backend in the future). (Samual Lown)
  • Now uses “XDG Base Directory Specification” to locate user templates
  • New wizard based “New Label” dialog
  • Can now manage user created templates from within glabels
  • New “Insert Field” button
  • Allow pasting of images and text from other apps as new objects
  • Fixed focus problems which prevented proper copy and paste operation within the text editor
  • CSV merge backend can now harvest 1st line of CSV file for field names
  • New font selection widget
  • New color selection widget
  • Support parallel installation with older versions of glabels
  • Updated license to GPL3+
  • Full translations of application strings for this release:
    • German (Mario Blättermann)
    • Spanish (Daniel Mustieles)
    • Brazilian Portuguese (Michel Recondo)
    • Danish (Joe Hansen)
    • French (Claude Paroz)
    • Slovenian (Andrej Žnidaršič)