03 January 2011

This is the second snapshot of the 2.3.x development series. The purpose of this series is to preview and test code and features for glabels 3.0. Features and prerequisites are likely to change drastically from snapshot to snapshot. If you are not willing to put up with this or even things that may not work quite right yet, you should probably continue to use 2.2.8. Let the testing begin…

Changes/fixes since 2.3.0 include

  • Migrated to GNOME 3 platform
    • Ported to Gtk3
    • Ported from gconf to gsettings
  • Updated manual and ported to Mallard
  • Added text merge backend that uses semicolon delimeters
  • Improve appearance of shadows of boxes and ellipses
  • Added shadow property of image objects
  • Added native support for SVG images
  • Added full-featured barcode backend for libzint (Sam Lown, Robin Stuart)
  • Refactoring of barcode subsystem
    • Moved core barcode support to its own library (libglbarcode)
    • Added onecode backend to libglbarcode
    • Resurrected built-in Code39 backend and added to libglbarcode (from way back in glabels 0.1.x)
    • Allow selection of barcode backend from UI
  • New logo and theme friendly icons
  • Added support for elliptical templates
  • Added many new templates
  • Updated translations:
    • Czech (Marek Černocký)
    • Danish (Joe Hansen)
    • French (Claude Paroz, Bruno Brouard, Gérard Baylard)
    • German (Mario Blättermann)
    • Spanish (Daniel Mustieles)
    • Slovenian (Andrej Žnidaršič)
    • Catalan (Valencian) (David Planella)
    • Swedish (Daniel Nylander)
    • Brazilian Portuguese (Michel Recondo, Henrique P. Machado, Antonio Fernandes C. Neto)